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Title: How do you spell love? [by I. Quill]

Rating: Gen

Length: 177

Author’s Notes: From Inky’s Poetry Journal; for the fffc September challenge: day 3 [Prompt: How do you spell love? - I don’t spell it, I feel it. (Winnie-The-Pooh)]

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Title: August by I. Quill
Length: 500
Rating: Gen
Summary: When Jamrach & co. have Inky and Ferret trapped, it’s time for a little improvisation.
Author’s Note: Inspired by today’s solar eclipse.

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Title: July by I. Quill
Rating: Gen
Length: 500
Notes: Inky Quill, Ferret, Doctor Watson, Toby
Summary: Why Ferret’s one rodent-show, Julius Caesar, was pre-emptively cancelled.
Author’s Note: For the July prompt: dog days.

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Title: Plague Doctor
Length: 221b
Rating: Gen
Notes: Inky Quill, Doctor Watson
Summary: Doctor Watson borrows Inky’s Plague Doctor mask.
Author’s Note: For the fffc r17.12 prompt: Masquerade.
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Title: Portmanteau
Rating: Gen
Length: 140
Content Notes: Inky, Mouselet, and Ferret
Summary: A scene at 221b.
Author's Note: A couple of weeks ago the word of the day was portmanteau. I liked it so much, I wrote a small scene around it. Also for the monthly prompt: renewal.

“…but, Inky, how?” asked Mouselet.

“Well, my dear, sometimes inspiration is like rain in the desert, the earth is parched, the spirit too dry for anything fruitful to take hold; sometimes, however, it is like a stream, renewing as winter snows thaw; sometimes—“

“No, I mean how do you compose poems on so many subjects? I have only one: my dear Inspector, who is so clever—“

“Ah, well, you must observe the world around you as Mister Holmes advises,” I tilted my head, “listen to…”

I began to compose aloud.
Hark, I hear a cry!

From the corner, that portmanteau…

…it commences low…

…but begins to grow…

…’til ‘tis sforzando!

“Oh, that’s Ferret! He’s trapped inside Doctor Watson’s travel desk!”

We hurried to free our friend, who tumbled out of the trunk, groaning,

“My Houdini needs more work!”
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Title: March (by I. Quill)
Rating: Gen
Length: 500
Summary: Inky follows a rainbow.
Author's Note: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Title: Fruitful Verse
Rating: G
Length: 305
Poetic Form: etheree (octuple)
Author's Note: Greenaway's Language of Flowers gives the following meanings: cherry (good education); plum (fidelity); peach (your qualities like your charms are unequal); raspberry(remorse); and strawberry (love and esteem); the tart also contains blackberry and blueberry preserves.
Inky's Note: Mrs. Hudson was kind enough to lend me the use of her kitchen (and her opposable thumbs) to prepare a most auspicious dessert, the epiphany tart, for presentation with this verse on this felicitous occasion and so I humble submit:

To Mister Holmes, a bit of fruitful verse on this the anniversary of your birth.
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Title: The Gift of Empathy [Inky's December column]
Rating: Gen
Length: 500
Content Notes: Holmes, OC [Inky, mention of others]; h/c; Christmas; in the same universe as my Watson Woes WAdvent fic Compliments of the Season.
Summary: When Inky's avant-garde Christmas play flops, he finds empathy in an unusual source.
Author's Note: for the monthly prompt: gift

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Title: Seven Orchids by Inky Quill
Rating: Gen
Length: 105
Content Notes: English sonnet;
Summary: Inky's been quite inspired by his West Country sojourn

The seven orchids of the autumn moor
are known to bloom when summer’s riches wane
They mark the site where maid of lore was slain
and seven virtues felled by evil’s boor.

For Innocence defiled so ruthlessly
For Beauty seized like plund’ring victor’s prize
For gentle Grace unmarred by weeping eyes
For Youth made far too old by tragedy

For Wisdom borne of peril’s schooling hand
For Courage bold to grasp the chance escape
to flee, mayhap, her destiny reshape
For Strength that bore ‘til form could not withstand.

Thus, blossoms spring from seven tear-sown ground,
and from a drop of blood, the ‘venging hound.

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Title: The Ferret's New Clothes
Form/Wordcount: 475
Characters/Pairings:  Dr John Watson; The Ocelot; Mouselet; The Ferret; Inky the Porcupine (by kind permission of [livejournal.com profile] okapi1895); the Sloth
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: A few week's ago, on our sister comm [livejournal.com profile] sherlock60, there was a discussion on the poetry page about The Speckled Band.  This is what happens when I take [livejournal.com profile] debriswoman and [livejournal.com profile] okapi1895 's ideas.  Entirely crack.

The Ferret's New Clothes


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