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Title: How do you spell love? [by I. Quill]

Rating: Gen

Length: 177

Author’s Notes: From Inky’s Poetry Journal; for the fffc September challenge: day 3 [Prompt: How do you spell love? - I don’t spell it, I feel it. (Winnie-The-Pooh)]

How do you spell love, young poet of the Scots?

I spell it with a ‘u,’ you see,
for if luve is good enough for Uncle Bobby’s red, red rose,
it’s good enough for me.

How do you spell love, noble fir of the woods?

I spell it with an ‘i,’ you see,
for when I live,
scent, shade, and boughs I give,
a Magi of a tree.

How do you spell love, breeze of Spanish plains?

Por mí, I spell it with an ‘e.’
For leve soy,
a-waft with fragrance, cry, and joy
from vast Iberian sea

How do you spell love, dame proprietress?

I spell it with an ‘a,’ you see.
A-wash, a-scrub, a-lave
whilst gentleman misbehave,
my care persists, from tea to tea.

How do you spell love, faithful scribe aside the sleuth?

I spell it with an ‘o’
'cause the schoolmarm’s slate once told me so.

How do you spell love, Mister Sherlock Holmes?

My reply may trouble you.
I don’t, but when I do, here’s a clue:
it commences with a ‘w.’

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