Apr. 7th, 2017

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Title: Portmanteau
Rating: Gen
Length: 140
Content Notes: Inky, Mouselet, and Ferret
Summary: A scene at 221b.
Author's Note: A couple of weeks ago the word of the day was portmanteau. I liked it so much, I wrote a small scene around it. Also for the monthly prompt: renewal.

“…but, Inky, how?” asked Mouselet.

“Well, my dear, sometimes inspiration is like rain in the desert, the earth is parched, the spirit too dry for anything fruitful to take hold; sometimes, however, it is like a stream, renewing as winter snows thaw; sometimes—“

“No, I mean how do you compose poems on so many subjects? I have only one: my dear Inspector, who is so clever—“

“Ah, well, you must observe the world around you as Mister Holmes advises,” I tilted my head, “listen to…”

I began to compose aloud.
Hark, I hear a cry!

From the corner, that portmanteau…

…it commences low…

…but begins to grow…

…’til ‘tis sforzando!

“Oh, that’s Ferret! He’s trapped inside Doctor Watson’s travel desk!”

We hurried to free our friend, who tumbled out of the trunk, groaning,

“My Houdini needs more work!”
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The new TOS have left us all feeling understandably rattled.

We definitely want to continue having [livejournal.com profile] holmes_minor on LJ but we are now considering making a mirror comm for it on Dreamwidth, so that members can post where they feel most comfortable. The mods will be active on both sides, commenting and keeping an eye on things.

How does everyone feel?


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