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Title: Very Sweet (No Holmes, Not You)
Form/Word count: 362
Characters/Pairing: Mr Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, Inspector Lestrade, Inspector Stanley Hopkins, Mrs Hudson
Rating: G
Warning/Content:  Holmes is once more trying to get something past Mrs Hudson
Follows on directly from Where Is He?
Written in response to DW's Watson's Woes July Writing Prompt

A little while later Holmes returned to our rooms, having apparently managed to evade Mrs Hudson.  He brought with him Inspector Lestrade, who was carrying a cardboard box.

Lestrade put the box on the floor and opened it carefully.  We all peered inside to see two puppies nestling together.

“They’re very sweet,” I said.

Hopkins sneezed.

“Do you think Mrs Hudson might let us..?” Holmes began to say.

“No!” I replied.

“Just for a few days?” Holmes finished hopefully.


Hopkins sneezed again and we all looked at him.  “Sorry,” he said, “Dogs make me sneeze.”

At that moment we heard Mrs Hudson’s footsteps coming up the stairs.  I am convinced any mention of her name is sufficient to cause her to appear, a bit like summoning an unwanted genie.

She knocked, came in, and began without waiting for an invitation, “I see the umbrella I thought I had lost has re-appeared in the exact position I was convinced I had left it.  This has led me to assume, or should I say deduce?”  She gave Holmes a very pointed look.  “That you are intent on hiding something else from me.”

We all shook our heads in total innocence.  Hopkins sneezed.

“We would never try to that, Mrs Hudson,” Holmes said with a smile.

She gave him a disbelieving glare and looked around again.  Hopkins sneezed, but fortunately didn’t blush.

“Oh dear, Inspector,” she said.  “I hope you aren’t getting a cold.”

“Oh no,” Hopkins said, then clearly thought about it and added, “actually, yes I may be.”

“Really?” said Mrs Hudson.  She looked sternly at Hopkins, who proceeded to blush under her gaze.  His nanny has a lot to answer for.

At that moment, the box made a snuffling sound.

“Oh dear,” Mrs Hudson said.  “It would appear your box has caught the Inspector’s cold.  What is inside it?”

Inspector Lestrade opened the lid and Mrs Hudson peered inside.

“Very sweet,” she said.  “I shall ask Billy to come up and collect them.  He can look after them in the basement until their owner collects them or they find a suitable home.”

With that she swept out of the rooms.

Hopkins sneezed.
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