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Title: Puppy kisses
Rating: Teen (one kiss & some innuendo; a rattle of the cupboard doorknob, perhaps?)
Length: 221b

Notes: Retirementlock
Summary: Holmes gives Watson an anniversary gift.
Author’s Note: Yesterday was International Kissing Day. For the July prompt: dog days.

“What are we celebrating tonight, my good man? Oh, no, don’t feign surprise. The Montrachet isn’t set out for just any supper, certainly not the cold veal and new potatoes I’ve in mind.”

“Forty years, Watson. Forty years ago, you walked into the laboratory at Barts.”

“Ah, it’s a lifetime, isn’t it? And then some.”

“I could not have known how the man I met that day would change my life, and even if told at the time, I would not have believed our journey together, but every day, I am humbled by and grateful for the blessing of your companionship.”

“So am I, Holmes.”

“And I’ve a gift.”

“Oh, no, Holmes.”

“Oh, yes, something that I hope will appeal to our circumstances now as well as commemorate the past. When you first installed yourself in the Baker Street rooms, you brought something with you, something that did not remain for very long.”

“Let’s see, can’t be my maiden virtue, I lost that long before I met you.”

“Kiss me, rogue.”

“Gladly. Ah, still as lovely as the Montrachet, but why the non-sequitur, Holmes?”

“Quite relevant, my dear Watson, because I predict that your gift will ruin your mouth for human kissing for some time. Happy anniversary.”

“Oh, Holmes! Come here, my pup! Oh, he’s a friendly fellow, just like Bully!”

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