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Title: Plague Doctor
Length: 221b
Rating: Gen
Notes: Inky Quill, Doctor Watson
Summary: Doctor Watson borrows Inky’s Plague Doctor mask.
Author’s Note: For the fffc r17.12 prompt: Masquerade.

“Mister Quill?”

I recognised the voice, but for Doctor Watson to appear in my humble corner of the Rodentia of the World exhibit at this hour, when the gates of Her Majesty’s Zoological Garden were certainly locked to visitors could only mean danger.

“Yes?” I called anxiously.

“Might I borrow your Plague Doctor mask for the evening, the one you wore when you tried to hynoptise me as Il Medico della Peste?”

“Certainly. One moment.” I fetched it and lumbered towards the fence. “Are you attending a masquerade ball?”

“No, no. Mister Holmes has an impish habit of practical joking. I mean to return fire, as it were. I shall hide behind the door whilst he’s out and jump out and scare him upon his return. Oh, he shall be such a jolly sight!” he laughed.

I handed him the mask and wished him the best, but did not rest easy, and in a few hours’ time heard my name again.

“Oh, Doctor Watson,” I sighed, noting bruised eye and the bandage peeking out from the brim of his hat.

“Mister Holmes was unfortunately accompanied by Mrs. Hudson carrying the supper tray. It was a success, of sorts; they were surprised, violently surprised. I’m dining at Simpson’s tonight. Alone.” He returned the mask. “Lamentably, the Plague Doctor proved rather a bother.”

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