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Title: Another Overdose
Length: 325
Rating: Gen
Summary: Holmes overdoses on novels again, but Watson has the antidote.
Author’s Note: A sequel to Overdose. Dialogue only. Using suggestions from the Victorian suggestions tumblr.


“Go away. I’m indulging in the luxury of a headache.”

“Heavens, look at you!”

“Blessed angels, I’m having visions of the departed dead!”

“It’s a mirror, you lunatic.”

“You may well address me thusly for I am contemplating escaping this insane asylum and wandering the streets of London.”

“No small ambition seeing as how we’re in Brighton, but you shall have to go raving mad first.”

“Chronological sequence is very trying at times.”

“No need to convince me of that, my dear man. Sometimes I disregard it entirely.”

“Shall we go on a European tour instead?”

“Because our last one ended so fabulously?”

“Oh, Watson, I haven’t even declined a proposal of marriage today!”

“Holmes, will you marry me?”


“Holmes, will you marry me?”


“How’s that feel?”

“Oddly satisfying.”

“I see you’ve hidden all the novels in holiday buckets and buried them in shallow graves about you.”

“Shall we entertain our guests with engravings of Italian paintings?”

“Why not? The crabs might find them as appealing as I do and jump directly into the pot!”

“I’ve already written a clandestine letter to a woman below my social rank. Here. Have a look.”

“Mrs. Hudson is not, in fact, below your rank in any caste except boxing weight, Holmes, and a postcard declaring the weather to be exceedingly clement is hardly blackmail material.”

“Hmm. There’s nothing for it but to be courted by a ridiculous man.”

“Oh, give it try. I’ve enjoyed it for years.”

“Flirt giddily with a gentleman of consequence?”

“Much closer to the mark, but why don’t you contemplate suicide by drowning?”

“Oh, I don’t know—wait, the wealthy spinster, the swimming accident—oh, God, Watson, I have it, of course—if we leave now, we may just save the paid companion from being hanged for murder!”

“As predicted, the antidote for reading too many novels is being in the hero of one. Au revoir, Brighton and summer. Holmes, wait!”

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