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Title: Twice Bitten
Form/Word count: 221B
Characters/Pairing: Mr Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson
Rating: G
Warning/Content:  Holmes has not got on well with a client's dog

Holmes was unimpressed as I bathed the wound on his ankle.  “I am surprised this doesn’t remind of your friend Victor Trevor,” I remarked.

“Trevor was, and is, and intelligent man, and I was pleased to improve my acquaintance of him,” Holmes replied.  “The owner of that monstrosity on the other hand,”

The monstrosity had been about nine inches long, and possessed of some extremely sharp teeth, which it had exercised on Holmes’ leg.

“You have said that one can learn a lot from a man, or in this case a woman, by observing their dog,” I commented.

“Yappy and unpleasant,” was Holmes summary.

“And the attack on your leg had nothing to do with you attempting to kick it I suppose.”

“It lacked self-control, as was also the case for the owner.”

“Yes, she did sound rather shrill when she said she wouldn’t consult you if you were the last detective in England.”

“On reflection I should probably not have simply told her she was being cheated by her younger son, who she doted upon.”

“And who, apparently, had given her the nasty mutt in the first place,” I grinned.  “Sorry, I mean the highly bred dear doggie.”

“Hmph.  I would rather have the likes of Toby or Pompey any day than suffer another such dog of supposedly immaculate breeding.”

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