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Title: The Visitor
Form/Word count: 362
Characters/Pairing: Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mrs Hudson
Rating: G
Warning/Content:  "What is that doing there?"  No dogs are harmed during the telling of this tale.

“What is that doing there?” Mrs Hudson demanded in the tone of voice which had Dr Watson, arriving home a few paces behind Sherlock Holmes hurriedly turning round and heading out again.

“It’s a dog, Mrs Hudson,” Holmes said.

Mrs Hudson sighed.  “I know it’s a dog.  I didn’t ask what it was, I asked what it was doing there?”

Holmes considered.  “I think it’s having a rest.”

Mrs Hudson advanced towards Holmes.  Her lips pursed and her shoulders went back.  Any normal person would have turned and run for the hills.  The dog raised its head and waited to see what happened next.

Holmes was not a normal person and therefore stood his ground, or at least only took one step backwards.

“Mr Holmes, I shall ask you one last time, using words I hope you will understand.  Why is the animal, which we both agree to be a dog, currently taking its ease in the middle of your room?”

“Well, Mrs Hudson …” Holmes began, then paused.

“Yes?”  She advanced another step.

Holmes retreated another step and fell over the dog.  The dog looked curiously at him.

Mrs Hudson turned her attention to the dog.  “I shall continue the conversation with the more intelligent being.  Why are you here?”

The dog wagged its tail.

“You’re waiting for your owner, aren’t you?”

The dog wagged its tail again and appeared to wave a paw.

At that moment there was a knock on the front door, which was swiftly opened and was followed by the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.  The dog got up, and shook itself, in the process knocking over Holmes, who was just regaining his footing.

A middle-aged man entered the room and said, “Hello Herbie, have you been good?”

Herbie started to cross the room, his wagging tail a danger to everything in its vicinity.

“A-hem!” said Mrs Hudson.

Herbie sat down and waited for his owner to come to him.

“I’m sorry,” the owner said, “St Bernards can cause accidental damage in small places.”

“Please don’t worry,” Mrs Hudson replied.  “Herbie is a lot less trouble than some I could mention.”

She glared at Holmes.
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