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Watson's Woes: July Writing Prompts

We know a number of you like to write about our dear friends Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Many of you are particularly fond of the good doctor, and for one month only there are further opportunities to write about him, and his companions, at Watson's Woes on Dreamwidth.  That month, as the title of the post indicates, is July.

And for this month, our dear doctor does not need to even suffer woes, but merely enjoy his adventures, or doze peacefully by the fire.  In fact, it is possible to feature the doctor in other places and times.  We understand versions of Dr Watson in the early twenty-first century are very popular.

Each day there will be a different prompt.  And for this year the prompts will be alternating between prompts from previous years and new prompts, with the option to do one or the other or both.  (Or even just chose the prompts which take your fancy.)

There is no need for expensive paper, the back of an envelope will do, although if you are using one of Mr Holmes' envelopes you will need to write around the hole made by his knife.  Cheap ink is perfectly acceptable, or you may use a pencil, or even a typewriting machine if you are in the fortunate position to own one.

Further details are available here: Coming in 10 Days

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