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Title: Plagues
Rating: Gen
Length: 500
Summary: Mrs. Hudson describes events preceding her Egyptian holiday.
Author's Note: Based on Sherlock60 comm discussion. For the monthly prompt: travel.

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Title: Planting
Form/Wordcount: 476
Characters/Pairings: Dr Watson, Seth the gardener
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: Summary: It is time to plant the annuals in the garden of the Sussex cottage Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes share.
This is part of my Sussex Retirement 'verse, and the third chapter of A Man Can Dream although can standalone.  Also written for [livejournal.com profile] fffc "Garden" prompt.

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Title: Mrs Hudson Interprets
Form/Wordcount: 200
Characters/Pairings: Mrs Hudson, Bessie
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: There is a language of flowers, sometimes it requires a particular interpretation.

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Title: The Martha Hudson Mobile Lending Library
Rating: G
Length: 221b
Content Notes: Mrs. Hudson & Mrs. Turner
Author's Note: Inspired by this photo.

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Title: On The Shelf
Wordcount: 446 words
Characters/Pairings: The Sherlock Holmes books themselves.
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: Anthropomorphism, crack.
Author’s Notes: For the April Prompt: Renewal. Library book renewal trope. Weirdness turned up to 11.

On The Shelf )
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Title: Necronomicon for Children
Rating: Teen (for suggested dark themes)
Length: 400
Warning: Reference to off-screen (cold case) child abuse/kidnapping; anachronistic references (Lovecraft, Marx, GMD); library renewal trope
Summary: Holmes’s request for library book renewal is denied.
Author’s Note: References to American comedian Groucho Marx, H.P. Lovecraft (necronomicon is a Lovecraftian book of magic),  The Great Mouse Detective, my own story The Reigate Skeleton. Also, Necronomicon for Children is real. For the monthly prompt: renewal.

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Title: Iron Will
Rating: G
Length: 500
Content Notes: Holmes & Watson; crack; humour; Bessie & Mrs. Hudson; a bit of Woosterism.
Summary: Holmes & Watson make New Year's resolutions. Whose will is the strongest?
Author's Note: For the monthy prompt: resolution.

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Title: The Gift of Luck
Rating: Gen
Length: 300
Content Notes: Holmes & Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Bessie the maid, fluff
Summary: Christmas 1894. Mrs. Hudson makes a miniature plum pudding for the gentlemen upstairs. Who will get the bachelor's button and who will get the ring?
Author's Note: For the monthly prompt: gift

Merry Christmas )
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Title: Many Gifts
Form/Wordcount: 424 words
Characters/Pairings: Dr John Watson, Seth (OC)
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: Watson is in a reflective mood
Set in my "Sussex Retirement" 'verse, in which Holmes and Watson have retired to a cottage in a Sussex Village.  Seth is a widower, part-time gardener, who lives with his widowed daughter Ellen, and her two teenage sons, William and Arthur.

Many Gifts on AO3
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Title: Séance
Rating: Gen
Length: 406
Content Notes & Warnings: suspense, an OC, Mrs. Cecil Forrester from "The Sign of Four," fraudulent mediums, extensive canon timeline divergence.
Summary: Holmes and Watson help Mrs. Cecil Forrester recover her necklace.
Author's Note: For October prompt: Spirit

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Title: Rare
Rating: G
Length: 500
Content Notes: POV Holmes & POV Victor Trevor, wistful pining; References to "The Gloria Scott"; prose-poem
Summary: Of all ghosts the ghosts of our old lovers are the worst.
Author's Note: For the October prompt: Spirit

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Title: At the Off Licence
Form/Wordcount: 221B
Characters/Pairings: Dr John Watson, Mr Jenkins, proprietor of the off licence
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: Written for the "Spirit" prompt.

Dr Watson opened the door )
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Title: Lachrymosa
Rating: Gen
Length: 412
Content Notes: Set during the hiatus, post-Mary's death; grief; angst; POV Watson
Summary: Watson receives a gift from a patient.
Author's Note: Not written for any prompt, just an idea that's been perculoating for a while. Inspired by this post on Tumblr of Victorian lachrymosas (tear-catchers).

Lachrymosa )
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Title: The Story of the Seven Bedrooms
Rating: Mature
Length: 500
Content Notes & Warnings: Holmes/Watson; Watson/Many OCs (past); references to prostitution and orgies, set post-"The Naval Treaty," no mention of Mary.
Summary: Watson recounts a tale from his youth.
Author's Note: "...he would have to pass through seven bedrooms." ("The Naval Treaty")

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] rachelindeed
Title: Philosophy - nil
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: John Watson, OFC, gen
Wordcount: 500
Summary: After the case of the Naval Treaty, Watson looks for a book of philosophy to fit Holmes's introspective mood.
Author's Note: I actually wrote this ages ago, but never posted it because I didn't know if any readers would think that the philosophy was worth the punchline. But today is Naval Treaty day at sherlock60, so why not? :)

Philosophy - nil )
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Title: A Relaxed Household
Form/Wordcount: Drabble
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Hudson & Bessie (original character)
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the August 2016 Prompt: Relaxation.

“Mrs. Hudson!”

“What..?” She opened her eyes to find her maid at her bedside.

“There’s creaking upstairs!” whispered Bessie urgently. “And Mr. Holmes and the Doctor are still away, aren’t they?”


Mrs. Hudson sat up and listened, her body tense.

Then she sighed.

“Don’t worry, dear. There’s nobody upstairs. It’s just the house relaxing.”

She looked up at the ceiling and addressed the upper apartments.

“Better make the most of it! They’ll be back tomorrow.”

There was a sudden shriek in the pipes.

Bessie giggled, and Mrs. Hudson rolled her eyes.

“It has to be said, my thoughts exactly.”
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Title: The Seasons of the Bee by Inky Quill
Length: 101
Rating: Gen
Form: English Sonnet
Author's Note: I have taken the playwright’s advice to ‘go to the bee, then poet, consider her ways and be wise’ in my recent plunder of Mister Holmes’s burgeoning library on apiology. Here, the humble fruit of my labour, for your enjoyment.

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Title: Queen Bee
Form/Wordcount: 186 words
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Hudson, Bessie (original character)
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the July 2016 prompt: Bees. (Also, I'm really sorry about the lack of commenting on LJ. Going to try and catch up a bit over the weekend.)

“What’s that you’re reading, Bessie?” asked Mrs. Hudson.

Her housemaid looked up from her book, and lifted it to show the cover.

“It’s all about bees! Mr. Holmes lent it to me. He says I can borrow any of his books, as long as I ask him first.”

Mrs. Hudson made a mental note to check that ‘any’ didn’t mean any.

“How kind of him,” she said out loud.

She smiled a little.

“You know, I’ve sometimes thought how nice it would be to live in a hive. I’d be the queen, of course. And you’d be my little worker bee, bringing me royal jelly. And Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson being mere males would have to be content with being drones!”

Mrs. Hudson gazed happily off into the distance imagining it all.

Bessie furrowed her brow. “But Mrs. Hudson—wouldn’t that mean you had to have babies with Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson?”

Mrs. Hudson’s expression became somewhat fixed.

A moment passed and then she turned back to Bessie.

“Perhaps, dear,” she said, “there’s a lot to be said for the current arrangement, after all.”
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Title: Mr. Hudson
Wordcount: 499
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Original Characters
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the June 2016 Activity: writing a new story to fit two canon illustrations.

Mr. Hudson )
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Title: Knife-fight
Rating: G
Length: 351
Content Notes: references to "The Dying Detective" and "The Retired Colourman," Watson is left-handed.
Summary: First impression at Simpson's
Author's Note: Not for any [livejournal.com profile] holmes_minor activity or prompt. Just my [livejournal.com profile] 1_million_words bingo square: knife-fight.
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