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Title: The Boating Lake
Form/Word count: 500
Characters/Pairing: Watson/Lestrade; Holmes/Hopkins; Mrs Hudson and Mrs Turner
Rating: G
Warning/Content: A sunny day encourages everyone to go take a trip.  Broom cupboard verse.

"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside" )
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Title: Plagues
Rating: Gen
Length: 500
Summary: Mrs. Hudson describes events preceding her Egyptian holiday.
Author's Note: Based on Sherlock60 comm discussion. For the monthly prompt: travel.

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Title: Mrs Hudson Interprets
Form/Wordcount: 200
Characters/Pairings: Mrs Hudson, Bessie
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: There is a language of flowers, sometimes it requires a particular interpretation.

Oh, how lovely )

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Title: Peace & Quiet
Rating: PG/Teen
Length: 221b
Content Notes: Hopkins/Holmes; Lestrade/Watson; part of the Broom Cupboard 'verse by [livejournal.com profile] thesmallhobbit
Summary: Mrs. Hudson has a quiet Mother's Day.
Author's Note: for monthly prompt: flowers & Mother's Day in the US is next Sunday.
Prompt by [livejournal.com profile] thesmallhobbit: Sherlock Holmes (ACD): It's gone very quiet in the broom cupboard lately.  Have the Holmes/Hopkins and Watson/Lestrade partnerships moved elsewhere, or has Mrs Hudson finally bought the unpickable lock?

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Title: The Martha Hudson Mobile Lending Library
Rating: G
Length: 221b
Content Notes: Mrs. Hudson & Mrs. Turner
Author's Note: Inspired by this photo.

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Title: The Library Book
Form/Wordcount: 221B
Characters/Pairings: Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mrs Hudson
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: Not everyone got on as well as Dr Watson did (see [livejournal.com profile] gardnerhill Rebooked) when it came to renewing a library book.

"Mr Holmes," Mrs Hudson began )
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Title: The Strange Case of Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes
Form/Wordcount: 500 words
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Hudson, Holmes, Watson, Lestrade
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the March Prompt: Temptations. Crack. And this is a crossover with... Well, I think it's probably self-evident ^^

The Strange Case of Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes )
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Title: When in Venice
Rating: G
Length: 221
Summary: Holmes & Watson swimming in a flooded Piazza San Marco (Venice).
Author's Note: At [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout
I was given this photo prompt of a couple swimming in a flooded Piazza San Marco in Venice. I had 30 minutes to write and I had to limit myself to telling the story in the photo (which was the most difficult part).

“Watson, our Venetian holiday has certainly taken a singular turn,” remarked Holmes as he emerged, hair flattened to his head. He stood, revealing a pallid, thin chest. The thinness and the pallor were, of course, part of what had brought us here.

A murky wave slapped my face like the rattle of an unruly infant. The water was that drab olive-brown colour that water always is when is exists in large quantities where it should not be. And in this case, it should definitely not have risen to the level of concealing my bare chest in the Piazza San Marco.

The water—and the air—were curiously warm. In England, such an overcast day would have had us layering wools, not stripping to our drawers and practicing our backstroke in ‘the drawing room of Europe.’

The grand basilica rose behind us, grey stone arch stacked within grey stone arch like nesting dolls. Above, bells tolled its grandeur while below, amongst us fishes, the intruding army of lapping water continued its occupation.

I cast aside my concerns about the effect that the turbid stream was having on my coiffure and simply enjoyed the surreal—and singular, as Holmes described it—experience. I suspected Holmes was far more keen that his head not be used as a perch for pigeons or sea birds

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Title: Valentine's Day
Form/Wordcount: 379
Characters/Pairings: Dr John Watson, Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mrs Hudson
Rating: PG
Warnings/Content: Broom cupboard 'verse on Valentine's Day

I came into 221 Baker Street )
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Title: Mrs. Hudson's Valentine
Rating: G
Length: 221B
Summary: Mrs. Hudson's Valentine's Day is everything she dreamed of.
Author's Note: Greenaway's Language of Flowers gives 'patience' as the meaning of the ox-eye, which is an American daisy, white with yellow centre. Also, for those who don't want to click on the link. One Night Cough Syrup contains morphine, cannabis, alcohol, and chloroform. So pretty good for a cough :) For the monthly prompt: card.

Mrs. Hudson coughed.

“I can’t rest, Doctor Watson. Bessie’s worse than I am. I had to send her home. There’s the washing-up from breakfast and lunch; there’s curtains to replace, and the fire brigade’s so wonderful but they do track in so much mud!”

“At least take some medicine.”  

“I’ve no taste for brandy, sir.”

He held up a spoon and a bottle. “One Night Cough Syrup.”


The light trickling into Mrs. Hudson’s room was much brighter than morning-light.

She sat up.


A bouquet of white-and-yellow daisies and a card sat on the bedside table.

“’For our most beloved on the day of love,’” she read. “No! That would mean I’ve missed a whole day!” She jumped out of bed, threw on her dressing gown, and ran to the kitchen.

And gasped.

It was clean, every pot and pan, scrubbed and shining.


“Gentlemen! Oh, heavens!”

Her skin warmed; she dropped her head, catching sight of the stairs.

The mud was gone.

“And the curtains are replaced as well,” said Doctor Watson.

“And once you dress, you and your sister will be escorted to Simpson’s for lunch,” said Mister Holmes.

“And we will be taking care of ourselves.”

“And not destroying anything for the rest of the day.”

She beamed. “And my cough is so much better!”
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Title: Iron Will
Rating: G
Length: 500
Content Notes: Holmes & Watson; crack; humour; Bessie & Mrs. Hudson; a bit of Woosterism.
Summary: Holmes & Watson make New Year's resolutions. Whose will is the strongest?
Author's Note: For the monthy prompt: resolution.

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Title: The Gift of Luck
Rating: Gen
Length: 300
Content Notes: Holmes & Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Bessie the maid, fluff
Summary: Christmas 1894. Mrs. Hudson makes a miniature plum pudding for the gentlemen upstairs. Who will get the bachelor's button and who will get the ring?
Author's Note: For the monthly prompt: gift

Merry Christmas )
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Title: The Gift of Scent
Rating: Gen
Length: 500
Content Notes: Fluff, Holmes & Watson
Summary: A clove-studded orange prompts two stiff upper lipped Englishmen to negotiate their first Christmas.
Author's Note: for the monthly prompt: gift. Merry Christmas to the Holmes_Minor comm!

Merry Christmas )
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Title: High Spirits
Wordcount: 128 words.
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson ('off-screen')
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the October Prompt: Spirit.

The party in Mrs. Hudson’s quarters was now in full swing.

Up in 221B, Watson smiled weakly at Holmes.

“What is it they’re celebrating?”

“I think...” said Holmes, “Mrs. Hudson said it was a harvest supper.”

“In London?”

There was a sudden cheer and Holmes shrugged. “Seems to have been a very good year for gin at least.”

Down below the piano started up, as Mrs. Hudson began to lead her guests in yet another popular ditty.

Holmes blanched somewhat. “Dear God. How many risqué songs does the woman know?”

“I suppose… we could… always go down and complain..?”

Watson’s voice trailed away.

Amidst the silence, the laughter of twenty-three landladies floated up the stairs, and Holmes and Watson exchanged a look.

“Yes, well,” said Watson. “Perhaps not.”
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Title: The Haunting of 221B
Form/Wordcount: 476
Characters/Pairings: Mr Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, Mrs Hudson, Inspector Lestrade
Rating: PG
Warnings/Content: Written for the "Spirit" prompt - let the reader beware!  Watson is unsettled, but is there a reason for it?

I was never entirely sure )
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] debriswoman
Rating: General
Word count:494
Notes...written earlier...I think it fits the "spirit" prompt but wasn't written specifically for it.

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Title: The Seven Meals of a Consulting Detective
Form/Wordcount: 419
Characters/Pairings:  Mrs Hudson, Mr Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: Mrs Hudson has a list of meals
This is based on the seven daily meals of a hobbit (yes, I do have the t-shirt)

The following note ... )
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Title: A Relaxed Household
Form/Wordcount: Drabble
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Hudson & Bessie (original character)
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the August 2016 Prompt: Relaxation.

“Mrs. Hudson!”

“What..?” She opened her eyes to find her maid at her bedside.

“There’s creaking upstairs!” whispered Bessie urgently. “And Mr. Holmes and the Doctor are still away, aren’t they?”


Mrs. Hudson sat up and listened, her body tense.

Then she sighed.

“Don’t worry, dear. There’s nobody upstairs. It’s just the house relaxing.”

She looked up at the ceiling and addressed the upper apartments.

“Better make the most of it! They’ll be back tomorrow.”

There was a sudden shriek in the pipes.

Bessie giggled, and Mrs. Hudson rolled her eyes.

“It has to be said, my thoughts exactly.”
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Title: Queen Bee
Form/Wordcount: 186 words
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Hudson, Bessie (original character)
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the July 2016 prompt: Bees. (Also, I'm really sorry about the lack of commenting on LJ. Going to try and catch up a bit over the weekend.)

“What’s that you’re reading, Bessie?” asked Mrs. Hudson.

Her housemaid looked up from her book, and lifted it to show the cover.

“It’s all about bees! Mr. Holmes lent it to me. He says I can borrow any of his books, as long as I ask him first.”

Mrs. Hudson made a mental note to check that ‘any’ didn’t mean any.

“How kind of him,” she said out loud.

She smiled a little.

“You know, I’ve sometimes thought how nice it would be to live in a hive. I’d be the queen, of course. And you’d be my little worker bee, bringing me royal jelly. And Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson being mere males would have to be content with being drones!”

Mrs. Hudson gazed happily off into the distance imagining it all.

Bessie furrowed her brow. “But Mrs. Hudson—wouldn’t that mean you had to have babies with Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson?”

Mrs. Hudson’s expression became somewhat fixed.

A moment passed and then she turned back to Bessie.

“Perhaps, dear,” she said, “there’s a lot to be said for the current arrangement, after all.”
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Title: Mr. Hudson
Wordcount: 499
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Original Characters
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the June 2016 Activity: writing a new story to fit two canon illustrations.

Mr. Hudson )


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