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Title: The Boating Lake
Form/Word count: 500
Characters/Pairing: Watson/Lestrade; Holmes/Hopkins; Mrs Hudson and Mrs Turner
Rating: G
Warning/Content: A sunny day encourages everyone to go take a trip.  Broom cupboard verse.

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside,” Dr Watson sang happily.

He and Inspector Lestrade had taken the train to the coast, to enjoy a day in the sunshine.  They had discovered a boating lake and whilst Lestrade was slowly rowing them around the island, Watson was leaning back in the boat, trailing his hand in the water and singing to himself.

It was a delightful place to be, far away from the cares of Baker Street and the admonishments of his landlady, who didn’t appreciate their occasional use of the broom cupboard.

Lestrade, too, seemed happy.  There were no felons to chase, no imponderable clues to decipher, no-one disturbing them when they were sharing a few quiet moments together, by either calling, “we need to find a man wearing a purple waistcoat and top hat”, or setting fire to the curtains.

In fact it was idyllic.  Watson was so absorbed with his thoughts and his admiration for the gardens which surrounded the boating lake, he was paying no attention to any of the other boats, until there was a sudden bump.


“Jolly boating weather,” Inspector Stanley Hopkins sang.

Sherlock Holmes smiled at him.  The young inspector had jumped at the opportunity to escape London for the day and take the train to the coast.  He had been positively enchanted at the sight of the boating lake and had even removed his coat when Holmes suggested he might like to row them round the island.

Of course, it wasn’t just Hopkins who was happy with the arrangement.  Holmes was delighted to be able to spend time with him, when his plans weren’t either aborted by finding the broom cupboard already occupied, or when having finally made their own way in there, to have the landlady banging firmly on the door.  He hadn’t been entirely sure whether she had meant it when she said loudly she was going to fetch a padlock for the door, but he hadn’t been inclined to wait to find out.

So now, Holmes was indulging himself by watching Hopkins in his shirt-sleeves rowing their little boat.  He could see the way his strong muscles moved and looking down his body, he could also admire his thigh muscles.  In fact Holmes was so absorbed in admiring Hopkins’ physique he failed to pay attention to any of the other boats, until there was a sudden bump.


Mrs Hudson and Mrs Turned had decided to have a day out in the sunshine, and had taken the train to the coast.  They had found the boating lake and were now sitting on a bench watching the people rowing round the island.

They watched as two of the boats collided.

“Do you think they’ll have to swim?” Mrs Turner asked.

“I don’t think it’s that deep,” Mrs Hudson replied.

They continued to watch as four bedraggled gentlemen made their way to the side.

“And the winner of the wet shirt competition?” Mrs Turner asked.

“Inspector Hopkins, without a doubt.”
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