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Jun. 23rd, 2017 09:39 pm
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And so, a little later than usual (^^”), here is this month’s activity! Inspired by this week’s prompt and one of Okapi’s fics, my estimable co-mod has suggested we try:

Postcards Home

That is, we’re going to write short messages that could be sent on a postcard—up to three sentences. Your ‘from’ and ‘to’ can be put in the subject line of the comment.

An example from [personal profile] smallhobbit:

From Watson To Holmes

Enjoying Dorset. Have found a delightful secluded beach. Lestrade would send his regards but is currently otherwise occupied.

Yes… (Not quite sure I understand...) Anyway, please leave all your messages in the comments, ready for posting home!

As always, you needn’t take part in this activity if you don’t wish to. Once you’re a member, you can post what and when you want—as long as you keep to the 500 words or less wordcount and the ACD Holmes ‘verse. AUs, crossovers and fusions are all permitted, as long as the characters remain essentially recognisable as the original ACD versions.

Please see the profile for the full posting guidelines!


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