Mar. 16th, 2017

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[ profile] holmes_minor had its official beginning on 1st March 2016, and so this month marks its first anniversary. For this reason, Mrs. Small-Hobbit and Mrs. Frankles have kindly invited me over to run a special poetry page. (I would have set the page up for yesterday but I had to help Mrs. S-H bail out Mrs. F from the local constabulary. As if I did not have enough of this with Mr. Holmes and the doctor!)

Now I am sure you are all familiar with that charming little song ‘Happy Birthday to You’. What I would like you to do is put new lyrics to the tune, in honour of Mr. Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Dr. Watson’s splendid stories.

Dr. Watson has himself furnished me with an example:

Holmes, this mess is a sin
Haven't you heard of a bin?
Please stick all your papers
In your box made of tin.

Yes… Well, I am certain you can all do better than that. Please leave all your efforts in the comments—and happy birthday, [ profile] holmes_minor!


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